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The differences between the Grammar Translation Approach and Direct Approach

Through this module what I can summarize for Grammar translation Approach are  the use of comprehension questions to help students understand the meaning of a vocabulary word, a sentence, a paragraph, or a entire story and engage students in understanding tone, plot, characterization and setting, and help students apply to real life situations.
Using Antonym and synonym , cognate to create association of words to improve ability to memorize words for students.
Other practices are filling in the blank and writing compositions which help student comprehend what learn from this method.
Direct Approach basically is the overview of language should be learned like the first language. Using the enactment that is fun and culturally specific, using the gestures, pictures, visual aides to comprehend the culture and meaning.
Student self- correction apply on the learning words by repeating incorrect sentence and then using questioning voice in order to help student realize their mistakes and develop  the ability to monitor their own language.
Using image to illustrate words, it is also a basic method to improve the memory of learning words skills what take advantage of left brain.
Using effective map method to summarize the word using contexts, root words, synonyms, antonyms and key words to develop skills of memorize different meaning and application of words.
Besides using the two methods for different purposes as we learnt before that shape content and techniques, we will give 6 basic questions for comprehending and choosing the method reflexibly. Those questions are:
1. Why should we teach English?
2. Who should we teach?
3. What materials are needed to teach a language?
4.  What does a learner learn a language?
5. How should a teacher teach?
6. How do we help students remember a language?

My job as a teacher will be an actress for different the context to bring student the best understanding of word and using it in real life
Mind map is the tool and other techniques such as recording the voice and the words for improving listening skills with repetition. Sketch note also apply for maximize the ability of memorizing vocabulary, telling the story and practical games will help students improving their learning language.

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